Friday, March 6, 2015

March Announcements

As mentioned at the user group the other night, there's a fair few things going on in town over the next few months. If you missed the links, here it all is again:


What: Ever wanted to contribute to Open Source, but didn't know where to start. Come to hackify, an evening hackathon focusing on open source software.
When: 11th March, 6-9pm
Where: Spacecubed, 45 St George's Terrace, March 11th

TestWest 2015

What: learn about new innovations in software testing, hear industry leaders talk about the future of software testing, check out some new tools and have an opportunity to network with fellow testers
When: 25th March (all day)
Where: Perth Convention Centre

YOW! West 2015

What: Top-notch developer conference. 'Over a 2 day period the best international, national and local experts will provide thought provoking and innovative talks in their field of expertise'
When: May 26th-27th.
Where: TBA (Perth CBD somewhere, I'd imagine in Bankwest plaza)
Paid (unless you are presenting)

NB: If you want to present at YOW! West, you have till March 29th to get your submissions in. If tempted, give it a go. You've lost nothing for trying. There are guidelines for submissions on the site.

World's Greatest Shave

Our glorious leader Mike (and colleague Ben) are shaving off for the Leukaemia Foundation. In Mike's case that's some 5 years of extensive growth (which takes some serious planning) which may never again be seen in it's current glory. If you want to wave goodby to Mike's follicular assets, or marvel at the stunning transformation, come along. Better still, sponsor their team (Hairy Dudes) using the link below, either because you care about funding research into blood cancer, or just to ensure they go through with this insanity.
When: Fri 13th March, 4pm
Where: Rigby's Bar, St George's Terrace

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March Reminder

With the short week, this one has snuck up on me. We are meeting tomorrow night (5th March). Details are on the Meetup event page.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

March Meeting - Cross-Platform ASP.NET Development with Sam Ritchie

We have a meeting scheduled for March 5th with Sam Ritchie.

Sam will talk about cross-platform ASP.NET development using the new ASP.NET 5 beta, including developing on glorious OS X and deploying to Linux web servers.

Sam is the owner & operator of codesplice, an independent software consultancy. He’s been writing .NET applications since 1.0 and developing mobile apps for the last 5 years. He’s the organiser of the Perth iOS developers and a die-hard Apple fanboy. 

What: Cross-Platform ASP.NET Development with Sam Ritchie
When: Thursday, March 5th 2015, 5:30pm
Where: Level 1, BankWest Place, 300 Murray Street
Cost: Free. 

As always, I urge you to tell everyone you know and come along. The ASP.NET 5 stuff is pretty awesome and well worth looking into.

I'll see you on the night.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

February Meeting

I hope you had a great break and are ready for some awesome Perth .NET speakers. We have two lined up for February 5th: 

From Business Solutions to Game Development in .NET
Mark Mennell will talk about the path from everyday development for businesses to developing games in .NET; the differences (and similarities); how to get started; what is out there in terms of libraries, frameworks, engines etc.; and putting it altogether to make a game!

Mark's Bio: I have been developing .NET applications for almost 10 years, I joined the Gnomic team start for 2013 for their new game for PC and consoles. Initially I worked on net code to enable online multiplayer in the game. I have written a .NET library for games (or any application requiring small frequent messages), FalconUDP: On top of this I wrote a partial implementation of Microsoft.Xna.Framework Net and GamerServices namespaces for use by the game. Since then I have been involved code all over the game. I am the author of “Making Fast-Paced Multiplayer Networked Games is Hard” on Gamasutra:

We'll also have a session from Joe Albahari talking about the LINQPad Debugger (and about debuggers in general).

What: Game Development and Debuggers with Mark Mennell and Joe Albahari
When: Thursday, February 5th 2015, 5:30pm
Where: Level 1, BankWest Place, 300 Murray Street
Cost: Free. 

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell those about whom you feel mildly indifferent.
I'll see you on the night.

Monday, December 1, 2014

DevJam 2014 - The Lineup

This Thursday we will have not one by *five* brave mortals who will be presenting in the arena for your entertainment (and presumably libating to the demo gods prior), including, in no particular order:
  • An Introduction to Xamarin Forms (Gregory James)
  • Azure Webjobs (Rob Powers-Martin)
  • Running .net apps in Docker (Cameron MacFarland)
  • Overengineering at home (Eric Winkler)
  • A quick look at MassTransit Service Bus on RabbitMQ (Doug Paice)
Talks! Prizes! Interpretive Dance! It's all going on this Thurs, 4th Dec, 5:30pm at Bankwest plaza (where we've been all year, and our thanks once again to BankWest for providing the venue).

[Please feel free to point this event out to anyone who might be interested]

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DevJam - Call for speakers

Mike is away at the moment, so it falls to me to herald the imminent arrival of the highlight of our year - our December DevJam night. For the uninitiated DevJam is a fun community evening where a bunch of you (yes, you) give a bunch of short 10 minute talks, and vie for the adulation of your peers. Oh, and prizes.

There are some rules for submissions, but we generally make it up as we go along. However, for the purposes of this post I’ll mention the following:

  • Your talk should be about 10 mins long
  • It must involve .net (but not necessarily on Windows)
  • It should be of interest to the developer community, and generally on-topic with the purpose of the user group etc… etc…

If you’ve not presented before - that’s okay (ideal actually): this is a great format for getting your feet wet. It’s also good for those long-neglected ‘community involvement’ KPIs, as well as just getting stuff off your chest.

Slots are generally available on a first-come first-served basis, so get in quick. If you are interested (and why wouldn’t you be?), please email me at devjam AT piers7 DOT com with the title ‘DevJam Submission’. Don’t worry if your idea is a bit hazy because a) you’ve got a few weeks yet to thrash it out and b) we are happy to be a sounding board.

Hope to hear from you soon.

PS: Some of the prizes in previous years have been pretty sweet too (XBoxes and the like), though I make *absolutely no representation whatsoever* about what you’ll win this year, ‘cause I don’t know either.

PPS: The organizing committee (er… Mike and myself) reserves the right to arbitrarily change or interpret these rules (we like to think of them as guidelines actually) entirely at their discretion and whim. The editor’s decision is final. Actual contents may vary. Free the binary 10.

PPPS: The actual event will be held on the 4th Dec, this being the first Thurs of the month, but I left that off the email, didn't I

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

November Meeting - Tips and Tricks for Asynchronous Programming with Joe Albahari

Here are the details for next month's meeting.

Tips and Tricks for Asynchronous Programming

Join Joe Albahari for an hour of productivity tips on concurrent and asynchronous programming. We'll cover everything from simple tricks to the monadically marvellous, and upload extension methods and classes you can take away and use immediately. We'll also describe a general strategy for dealing with difficult concurrency problems, and discuss which low-level constructs are still relevant, and when to use them.

When: Thursday 6th November, 5:30pm
Where: 300 Murray St, (BankWest)
Cost: Free

I will be out of the state for this one unfortunately but Joe is always a great presenter and well worth coming along to listen to.