Wednesday, September 17, 2014

October Meeting - LightBlue and Documenting Architecture

Next month we have two sessions planned. 

LightBlue with Colin Scott

If you’ve developed for Azure PaaS you’ve probably run into speed and robustness issues developing against the Azure emulator. This can be corrosive to productivity but it doesn’t need to be this way. The LightBlue project is the result of realising that the assumptions the Azure emulator makes are in most cases wrong. By taking a different approach we can trade off emulator functionality we don’t need for significant performance gains. This presentation will discuss:

·         Where the emulator approach falls down and why we don’t need to keep paying for that.
·         The 1 simple step required to start using LightBlue in your projects.
·         The lightweight approach used that utilises existing role configuration so that things just work.
·         The tradeoffs involved and the Azure capabilities LightBlue doesn’t support in order to keep things simple and efficient.
·         The additional capabilities like individual control of roles and easier debugging that LightBlue makes possible.

 Colin Scott is an alleged carbon based biped and lead developer of LightBlue. He enjoys eliminating development pain points and talking about himself in the third person. You should absolutely avoid his Twitter account @abstractcode.

Documenting Architecture with Mike Minutillo

What constitutes the architecture of your project? Is it documented? Could you document it? Could everyone on your team? 
If so then you probably don't need to hear anything Mike has to say on the subject. But if you've been stuck producing (or reading) hundreds of pages of documentation that provide little to no business value then this session will go into the most important things to document about your architecture as well as some tools and techniques to help you do it quickly so you can get back to Visual Studio (or LINQPad) for some serious coding.

Mike is a Software Architect and confirmed carbon based biped. He takes great pleasure in ignoring @abstractcode on twitter from his ivory twitter: @wolfbyte

What: LightBlue and Documenting Architecture
When: Thursday 2nd October, 5:30pm
Where: 300 Murray St, (BankWest)
Cost: Free**

I look forward to seeing you there.

** You do have to listen to Mike and Colin

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Meeting - Cross-Platform with Xamarin and Rhys' Web Toolkit

Hey all, 

Sorry for the late notice on this one. Entirely my fault.

The September meeting is this Thursday (4th Sep) and we have two great speakers lined up:

First up we have Stephen Price giving a presentation called Cross Platform (Four of them) with Xamarin
Bio: Stephen is a .Net developer who's spent more than his fair share of Front End development using XAML and more recently HTML/Javascript technologies. Game.

Then we have Rhys Campbell with a talk called "Rhys' Web toolkit - Service, plugins and patterns making my life easier"
Abstract: It's basically a wrap up of the things that have made my life easier (and things that haven't) while working on both successful enterprise and start up code based over the last 12 months. The talk covers Developer focused tooling but also highlight things to consider if you are involved in a Start Up or looking to do something on the side.

What: Cross-Platform with Xamarin and Rhys' Web Toolkit
When: Thursday 4th September, 5:30pm
Where: Level 1, 300 Murray Street
Cost: Free. All welcome.

Please forward this to everyone, bring it up at your stand-up tomorrow, chat about it at lunch and print out a copy and tape it to your bus-stop.


Friday, July 25, 2014

August Meeting - BankWest Hack Day

The August meeting is coming up (Thursday 7th) and it just so happens that it's the same day as the 2014 BankWest Hack Day. What is this?
At Bankwest, Hack Days are at the epicentre of our collaborative culture.  Every four months, over 600 colleagues get involved by suggesting ideas, rolling up their sleeves and 'hack'ing their way to a solution, or attending our showcases. The ideas range from large-scale innovations to small fixes and all focus on improving our processes, service offering and productivity.
Our Hack Days have become renowned for bringing colleagues together to collaborate on ideas they feel passionately about, boosting engagement as it gives people the power to choose what they work on. In 24 hours, our colleagues have achieved amazing results which have saved the organisation time, money as well as contributed to our best-in-class colleague engagement.
Sounds cool. And we're invited!

Here's an overview of the schedule:

5:30pm: Arrive at Level 1, 300 Murray Street. BankWest teams will come down and pitch us on what they are working on. We get to vote on which idea's/presentations are our favorites.
6:30pm: Pizza and mingle
7:30pm: To the pub!

If you want to attend you must RSVP and you will be asked to sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement which will be provided by BankWest.

Your details will be sent to BankWest who will send you an NDA to sign.

WHAT: Pitches from BankWest Hack Day
WHEN: Thursday 7th August, 5:30pm
WHERE: Level 1, 300 Murray Street
COST: Free. But you MUST RSVP.

This is a unique and interesting opportunity so please RSVP and share with your colleagues.

I hope to see you on the night.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

July Meeting - How Relational Databases Work with Piers Williams

The July meeting will be Thursday 3rd July at the usual place and time (see below). Here's a description of what you can expect:

How Relational Databases Work with Piers Williams

Got data? Despite relational databases being the default choice for decades, many developers are in the dark about how they actually work. Perhaps they're happy to treat them as a magic box to put data in. Perhaps they looked into it all once, and it looked scary, so they didn't look again. It's a specialist area, right? Ask that other guy.
In this session we'll discuss what a relational database is and fundamentally how they work. We'll write our own rudimentary relational database in C#, and examine different approaches for combining data from multiple files. In the process we'll rediscover the three fundamental strategies that relational databases use to combine data, strategies that - as a developer - you will already know and recognize. And we'll see where the 'magic box' mindset breaks down in real life use.
If you don't know your MERGE JOIN from your NESTED LOOPS, this is the session for you. You won't leave a database tuning expert, but if you can think about the basics early enough, maybe you won't have to be.
(PS: If you went to my YOW! talk - this is not the same talk, it's a complimentary one)

What: How Relational Databases Work with Piers Williams
Where: Level 1, Bankwest Place (300 Murray St)
When: Thursday 3rd July, 5:30pm
Cost: Free. All Welcome

Tell everyone you work with and tell them to tell everyone. We all use relational databases (unless you escaped, in which case come along and tell us how) and could benefit from a deeper understanding.

P.S. Last time a couple of people advised that they were turned away by security who seemed to have no idea about the user group meeting going on. If you run into issues and have a smartphone on you, email me your phone number on and I'll ring you and come down to get you. I have a Pebble SmartWatch so emails come straight to my wrist :)

P.P.S. Thanks to Stephen Price we have had access to a account for quite some time and I haven't had the time to investigate it properly (shame on me). Our next meeting will require RSVPs so I will organize the meetup properly and post info here. Watch for it, it's going to be a fun one :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Slides from June Session

Thanks to everyone who came out for the June meeting. Colin gave a great presentation. If you are interested the slides are available: Event Sourcing in Azure

Note that you'll need to download a copy to get the notes (which is where the good stuff is!).

Let me know if you have any issues and we'll see you next month!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Meeting Reminder [TONIGHT]

This is just a quick reminder that the June Meeting is tonight (June 5th 2014) with Colin Scott.

What: Event Sourcing on Azure with Colin Scott
When: Thursday 5th June (TONIGHT), 5:30pm -> 7pm
Where: BankWest Plaza (300 Murray St)
Cost: Free. All welcome.

Hope to see you there.

Monday, June 2, 2014

June Meeting - Event Sourcing on Azure with Colin Scott

And we're back. This month's presentation is scheduled for this Thursday and should be really interesting. Colin is giving the same presentation at DDD Melbourne next month.

What: Event Sourcing on Azure with Colin Scott
When: Thursday 5th June, 5:30pm -> 7pm
Where: BankWest Plaza (300 Murray St)
Cost: Free. All welcome.

The event sourcing architectural style is based on recording the system state as a series of events that describe what has happened. This gives us significantly more data about business processes than traditional approaches that store only the current state of the system. It also allows significant flexibility in how we can change how we model the system as requirements change and our understanding increases as well as a complete audit log of all business events. 

Building in the cloud effectively requires tailoring your systems to the nature of the platform if you want to avoid scalability and cost issues. I'll discuss the nature of our event sourcing system and how we have designed it to fit with the capabilities Azure provides as well as the tradeoffs we have accepted in doing so. 

In doing so I'll touch on the scalability, upgrade and disaster recovery capabilities that we have developed to work with our solution. I'll also throw in some additional buzzwords like CQRS and Eventual Consistency.

Tell everyone and I'll see you on Thursday night!